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New Zine Added

Music And The Animal Liberation Movement By Josh Eldridge.

“I’m from a small town. The place I grew up had less than 1,000 people living in it and it was very uncommon to have a meal – any meal – that didn’t have meat in it. There was no vegetarians or vegans but there was music and that’s what I clung to. Music opened me up to a whole new world – one that none of my friends from school ever found. Music was an escape from being stuck in a soulless, non-descript town and it taught me about things that I would have never learned anywhere else.”

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New Zine Added

What Savages We Must Be: Vegans Without Morality By Flower Bomb.

“It is not a morality that governs my actions, but rather an individualist desire to wage war upon all systems, moral or not, that attempt to subjugate me and destroy the earth I require to survive. My decision to become vegan did not come from a vegan morality or a new law prohibiting me from consuming flesh and secretions. It came from ungoverned free thought which helped me view society in a critical way, discovering pragmatic ways of enacting my own project of liberation. My vegan anarchist praxis is a shared affinity with the non­humans who fight against the constraints and torture devices of modern technology, slaughterhouses, and the human­made hell of industrial society. There is no God, government, or morality to save us. Only our individual selves, the decisions we make and the actions we take.”

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Breinwind Bis

Op 29 Februari zal de Tilburgse Anarcho Sociëteit het filmfestival Breinwind Bis in Tilburg organiseren. VA Distro zal deze dag aanwezig zijn op het festival. Op 28 Februari zal er ook al het één en ander te beleven zijn bij de Tilburgse Anarcho Sociëteit. Informatie over het filmfestival vind je hier:

Zien je daar!

The Tilburgse Anarcho Sociëteit will organise the Breinwind Bis film festival in Tilburg on February 29th. VA Distro will be attending the festival. On February 28th the Tilburg Anarcho Sociëteit will organise a few things as well. Information about the film festival can be found here (in Dutch):

See you there!